Vertical Wind Tunnels

Our Detroit V12 engine powers an inverted propeller producing a column of air that simulates the skydiving experience like no other! Participants of all ages 3 and up are welcome. When not flying the public, professional acrobatic flyers perform mid-air stunts and dramatic tricks on a 70+ ft column of air.


A Vertical Wind Tunnel, or "VWT", is a wind tunnel which moves air up in a vertical column. It is a recreational wind tunnel, frequently referred to as "indoor skydiving" or "bodyflight" and is a popular training tool for skydivers.

Vertical Wind Tunnels enable human beings to fly in air without airplanes or parachutes via the force of wind being vertically generated. Wind moves upwards at approximately 120 mph which is the terminal velocity of a falling human body belly-downwards. This wind speed can vary slightly from person to person but your flight instructor and wind tunnel operator will adjust accordingly. Vertical Wind Tunnels are popular among skydivers who report that the sensation is extremely similar to skydiving. The human body is suspended on a vertical column of air and this is called bodyflight or body flight due to the lack of any powered vehicle or tool attached to the skydiver.

By learning to position yourself to balance on this airflow, you'll learn to fly your body the way skydivers do in actual free fall. However, your proximity to terra firma creates a safe environment to train for advanced skydiving maneuvers and allows you to practice in view of your friends, family and skydiving instructors!

An operator is in communication with your instructor during your entire flight. Together, they will determine the perfect wind speed for your size and skill level, and can send messages to you to help you get adjusted to the experience. Both your flight instructor and the wind tunnel operator are present to ensure your safety.